Comments and Reviews of Phoenix-Flare

  • Really like the songs.. – Nick Tarleton, DJ and radio producer
  • Reminds me of New Order meets Gary Numan – Duncan Reid, lead singer and guitarist for The Vapour Trails
  • This is like heart strings being plucked by robots – Mathbsound
  • Cool soundscapes – Dan Newns
  • You are a genius my friend ! – cgravy67
  • So good I had to watch it… Twice XD – spkiespeed125
  • That’s amazingly good! Love it when the drums come in:)!!! – SamGeorge4
  • One word…AWESOME – McFlovian95
  • Brilliant and badass all at the same time. Love it! – mdefella
  • Love this ,most excellent !! – papydasy
  • I really like them sort of retro sounds mate – MrTamiya89
  • Hey guys, This is wild, calm and soothing at the same time. Love it! – dirdanny
  • I do like the prophetic, voice of lament that Chris brings with the lyrics. Well done, Phoenix-Flare!!!
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