Sunday Afternoon Improvisation

A chilled Sunday afternoon improvisation combining the Prophet 12 & the Nord Stage 2. Hope you like it.

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Improvsed looping on the Prophet 12

JamieB from PF enjoying doing some improvised looping on the Prophet 12. Starting to get a sweet range of sounds from it. All my own patches now. Using a TC Electronics looper pedal.

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The Prophet – Part 2

The second part – a follow-up to The Opening – trying some presets and getting a feel for the new monster.

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Prophet 12 – The Opening

My new Prophet 12 arrived yesterday and I am very excited about including it into the sound of Phoenix-Flare.

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Fire Engine Open Mic Night Bristol

Great time last night at Fire Engine Open Mic in St Georges. James tried an all synth sound on the Nord Wave with no piano – sounded immense and they loved it.

Rob Davies and his cool dad run the night – this is what he said – “Thanks for a great performance guys, I really enjoyed the songs. It really made the evening. Cheers”

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Under The Stars Open Mic Night

That was fun – went down to an open mic night at Under The Stars – a boat opposite the Watershed. Chris came along but he sat and chilled while Jamie did two electro-covers on the Minimoog. Crockets Theme & Dr Who – went down a storm – I think they’ll have us back. Really nice musicians all hanging out and jamming.

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I’ve got a few days at home on holiday so here’s a video. Improvised music for a new song – CityScape

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Ditto Looper

Here’s a little game I was playing yesterday. Mess up the controls on a synth then try to improvise a tune while programming sounds into a looper.

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Will Gregory’s Moog Orchestra

Went to a great concert last week – Will Gregory’s Moog Orchestra. Here’s a short clip.

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Blue LEDs

Here’s my Blue Light Project I’ve been building. LED lights controlled by midi from my MPC drum machine:

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