Tuesday Morning Ipad Jam

A Tuesday morning Jam using the ipad app korg Polysix. This is a great emulation of the classic synth from 1981. Enjoy the sound.

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Westbury Tavern Thursday 13th December 2012

I have a few days off work getting the tracks ready for Thursday night. About 9pm at the Westbury Tavern. Join us for some electro-pleasure

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November 2012 gig

Look out for details of our next gig in Bristol on Friday 23rd November in Stokes Croft!

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New song “Love is Broken” live performance

Live video Sunday afternoon at home of our latest track “Love is Broken”
Already got some great response for the song on youtube like “Dang, this´╗┐ is good music!”

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New tracks

I’m hoping we will be able to finish and upload a new reworked track “Love is broken” in the next few weeks.I’m working on a guitar riff to enhance the retro vibe! We plan to use soundcloud for presenting new material so make sure you follow us on soundcloud too!

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July update

James and I are busy writing material ready for our Autumn gigs!
Maschine will be taken to a forest by James on holiday where he will write some new grooves

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Youtube video for All the Things You’ve Ever Done

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Comments and Reviews of Phoenix-Flare

  • Really like the songs.. – Nick Tarleton, DJ and radio producer
  • Reminds me of New Order meets Gary Numan – Duncan Reid, lead singer and guitarist for The Vapour Trails
  • This is like heart strings being plucked by robots – Mathbsound
  • Cool soundscapes – Dan Newns
  • You are a genius my friend ! – cgravy67
  • So good I had to watch it… Twice XD – spkiespeed125
  • That’s amazingly good! Love it when the drums come in:)!!! – SamGeorge4
  • One word…AWESOME – McFlovian95
  • Brilliant and badass all at the same time. Love it! – mdefella
  • Love this ,most excellent !! – papydasy
  • I really like them sort of retro sounds mate – MrTamiya89
  • Hey guys, This is wild, calm and soothing at the same time. Love it! – dirdanny
  • I do like the prophetic, voice of lament that Chris brings with the lyrics. Well done, Phoenix-Flare!!!
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Four new tracks

I think these are nearly finished mixes. Hope you enjoy them. Chris & I had a great day working through the real details of the tracks ready to give you a preview of what we have been working on.

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Plans for 2012

Phoenix-Flare is working out plans for the year. We played lots of smaller gigs last year, which all went really well. We are excited about numerous possibilities for the future.

We would like to develop our sound and fanbase by performing some support slots in bigger clubs and venues and at some summer festivals.

We have been finishing recordings of a few of our tracks with a view to exploring the release of an E.P later this year.We are also working on new ideas to expand our sound. James has recently put a new motherboard, quad 3.2Gig Intel and 8Gig RAM into the Fernforest Studio computer as the last processor just wasn’t coping with the plugins!

For live performance we’ve changed over to using Ableton Live rather than using prepared backing tracks. This will add more of an element of improvisation and fluidity. We are also looking at adding live percussion and live bass for the larger shows.


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